Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Where Birdy's "1901" was born...

How to spend a Sunday in London? One of life's difficult questions. Nah, just kidding! Sure, there are so many opportunities but why not spend the day in one of London's most alternative and creative districts, in short, East London? Ever after watching the video of Birdy's "1901" I was completely thrilled with the atmosphere in and around "Brick Lane" and I can tell you - the video didn't promise too much!
(On Sundays) East London holds many treasures: not far from Brick Lane you can find "Columbia Road Flower Market" and with it, feelings of spring! One shop on Columbia Road has to be mentioned in particular: J & B The Shop! I don't want to say too many words, just have a look at the pictures and dive into this enchanting and imaginative place...
But East London does not only satisfy your hunger for beautiful flowers and vintage treasures of every description. Why not try some delicacies from the market, have a break in one of the numerous local cafés and bakeries or enjoy a late breakfast at Beach Blanket Babylon...that is how to spend a Sunday in London! 

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